World’s Best Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

OK, that’s a bold claim. I know it. But I’m up for the challenge. I’ve been eating this Classic Caesar Salad Recipe monthly (or more!) basically since, well… since I could chew. It’s fantastic.

In this video, we’ve added fried Cajun chicken strips to the core Caesar Salad recipe. You could really add any type of grilled or baked chicken, grilled or baked salmon, or strips of leftover steak. This is a great leftover chicken recipe.

This recipe makes enough for two as a meal or 4 as a side salad. I’ve also made this as a salad for a crowd of about 12 people by doubling it and making it in my Grandma’s gigantic bread-making bowl. (Math-wise, that doesn’t make much sense. But if you are serving the salad with other munchies, doubling it seems to be enough for 10-12 people as a side. ) If you don’t have a gigantic bread bowl, you’ll need to make it in two salad bowls such as the one we use in the video.

The size of the Romaine lettuce that you use will of course affect how much salad this recipe makes. I always use large fresh Romaine lettuce from the market. If you use the prepackaged Romaine hearts, you’ll need more than two heads. Pre-packaged Romaine is a good backup when Romaine lettuce isn’t in season, but keep in mind that you will need to use more.  Just keep tasting it as you add it.

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