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The FTC requires that we make it clear to you that we make (a little) money from this website. Actually, we are Canadian, so it doesn’t really apply to us (just US bloggers), but we think it’s a fine thing to do anyway. We certainly wouldn’t want to mislead anyone.

We are an associate of Amazon.com, which means that we make a (very) small commission on any Amazon purchases made through one of our Amazon links. This also includes any purchases you make while you are shopping on Amazon that we do not directly link to. See the Amazon Affiliate Disclosure here in more detail.

Or if you’ve had enough of this FTC disclosure thingy, how about a little shopping? Hot Kitchen Products on Amazon

Please assume that all product links on this website are affiliate links, and that we receive compensation on all purchases made through those links. This includes links to e-books, products, and services. These links many also be promoted through our Facebook page, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, or any other social media.

These commissions help us pay for the costs of running a food blog, so we can continue to create new recipes in our test kitchen and share more recipes with you.

Now on a personal note. We like to think of ourselves as honest, down-to-earth people. If you came to our house, we’d put on a fresh pot of coffee and give you the best cookie in the batch. We treat you exactly how we like to be treated. (I like my cookies soft and chewy, by the way. You?)

That said, we will never recommend any e-book, product, or service that we don’t like. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, then we certainly won’t recommend it to you.

We give honest reviews on all products that are gifted to us or that we may receive a commission on.

And we hope that you do the same with our products. Feedback on our cookbooks through Amazon reviews is very valuable to us. We want to hear what you liked about them and what you didn’t. Your opinions help us to improve both existing and future cookbooks. Reviews give readers a better idea of what our books are about so that they can make a more informed purchase decision, and it helps us sell more books.

If you haven’t left a review on one of our cookbooks yet, please do so now. Honest opinions, please!

Leave a review for Special Dinners for Two here: http://amzn.com/B0072XOCA2
Leave a review for Weeknight Dinners: Prepared in 30 Minutes or Less here: http://amzn.com/B007IL90V4
Leave a review for Best Brunches and Breakfasts here: http://amzn.com/B007MS9N4M

Now, back to cooking and cookies! Try these soft and chewy Banana Date Breakfast (or Anytime!) Cookies. They are quick to make, low in sugar, and kid-tested and approved. Delicious!


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Nicole L'Esperance loves to cook from scratch. She is the co-author of the Easy Recipes from Scratch cookbooks found on Amazon.com.

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