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  • Easy Homemade Granola Recipe from Scratch

Easily make your own granola, granola bars, and other energizing snacks from scratch!

The recipes in Easy Energy Bars: Recipes for Granola Bars and Other Natural Snacks will show you how simple it is to make healthy snacks using all natural ingredients right at home in your own kitchen.

energybarcoverwebFeed your body and your family food that you feel good about!

Many commercially available granola bars are not only expensive, but high in refined sugar, unhealthy oils and fats, and contain preservatives. This book provides a homemade, more nutritious, alternative.

These energy bar recipes do not use refined white and brown sugars, or sweetened condensed milk. Pure honey, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, molasses, and fruit purees are featured in these recipes as alternatives to refined sugar. We also chose to use coconut oil instead of butter. (Some recipes include chocolate chips. We use carob chips. The choice is yours!)

Choose from delicious flavors, such as Apple Crisp Bars, Gooey Chocolate Black Bean Brownies, Pumpkin Goji Bars, Crunchy Almond Bars, and Veggie Plum Bars!

Also included are some guilt-free treats, such as Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Fudge, Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars, Energy Balls, Super Smoothies, and a fantastic refined-sugar-free Super Smooth Chocolate Icing.

Making healthy snacks from scratch is simple. Start cooking from Easy Energy Bars: Recipes for Granola Bars and Other Natural Snacks today and feel the energy!

Grab your copy today!


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Nicole L'Esperance loves to cook from scratch. She is the co-author of the Easy Recipes from Scratch cookbooks found on Amazon.com.

Comments (3)

  • Gisele


    Are there lots of wheat free recipes? Love the choices of natural sugar alternatives… Would Stevia work also?


  • Nicole


    Thanks for asking! Yes, some of the recipes call for wheat flour, but a gluten-free flour can easily substitute. I often use spelt flour instead of wheat. Oat flour would work, too. For that, I grind oats in the blender. The flour in these recipes is very, very flexible.

    The sweeteners, like the honey, molasses, and brown rice syrup cannot be substituted with stevia. It’s their stickiness that helps bind everything together. We used dates and figs, for example, because of the nutrients they provide in addition to their sweetness. Dates are really high in iron and calcium. Figs are great for potassium and fiber. Natures vitamins!

    Since stevia is an herb, it might work best to add as a sweetener in the smoothies. Or use it to sweeten a cup of tea to drink with your healthy granola bars! 🙂



  • Nicole


    By the way, if you looking to make celiac friendly granola bars, make sure to use gluten-free oats. They are specially marked as gluten free.


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