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Nicole L'Esperance loves to cook from scratch. She is the co-author of the Easy Recipes from Scratch cookbooks found on

Easy Ketchup from Scratch with BBQ Potato Springs

Homemade Ketchup and Potato Springs

Homemade ketchup tastes so much better than its commercial counterpart. Here is a simple recipe that only takes about 15 minutes of active cooking time and a few hours passive. I haven’t tried it as a barbecue sauce yet, but I think it would make a good one!

Potato Springs

We made some potato springs to go with it. To make these by hand, pierce a potato with a metal skewer (you can easily find these at the dollar store). Take a knife and, starting at one end, cut a continuous spiral around the potato.

Pina Kale-Ada Smoothie

Pina Kale-Ada Smoothie

Do like Pina Kale-Adas? And getting caught in the rain?

Yes! Yes, I do! With all the rain we’ve been having lately, I could use a Pina Colada on a nice, sunny beach! But since it’s noon and I’ve been sitting at my desk for three hours straight already (tsk tsk!), I’m going to do the next best thing: Blend up a Pina Kale-ada and dance to Rupert Holmes in my kitchen.

With a couple servings of vegetables and protein and a bit of exercise, I’ll be set up for a productive afternoon. This recipe makes three cups, which is enough for two people. Personally, I drink the whole thing!

Here’s the song if you’d like to escape with me:

Holiday Cranberry Almond Loaf

Holiday Cranberry Almond Loaf Slice

Around Thanksgiving time, I always buy extra bags of fresh cranberries to pop into the freezer. They are so difficult to find off-season, and it’s such a treat to eat them when they are scarce. This Holiday Cranberry Almond Loaf is my favorite cranberry recipe.

It is a variation of the Thanksgiving Cranberry Bread recipe found in one of my favorite cookbooks Recipes for a Small Planet the Solution. (The best place to look for this book is in second-hand stores. If you find a copy, keep it!)


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