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Mom made some tortière! Every Christmas my mom makes several tourtière– meat pies made with a blend of beef and pork. It’s a French Canadian tradition to eat this on Christmas Eve, but we eat it frequently in December.

Pumpkin Butter

Molasses bread and pumpkin butter | Easy Recipes from scratch

Spice-infused creamy pumpkin butter sweetened with a little bit of brown sugar and fruit juice is like pumpkin pie without the calorie-laden crust.

This has been my obsession for the past two weeks. I put pumpkin butter on everything! Spread it on oven-fresh bread, use it as a carrot dip, or spread some on a cozy bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

I even put it in my smoothies for a bit of a fall twist. I made a Molasses Bread to go with this. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Easy Energy Bars

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  • Easy Homemade Granola Recipe from Scratch

Easily make your own granola, granola bars, and other energizing snacks from scratch!

The recipes in Easy Energy Bars: Recipes for Granola Bars and Other Natural Snacks will show you how simple it is to make healthy snacks using all natural ingredients right at home in your own kitchen.


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